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Spain, a country that has successfully fought to eliminate African swine fever (ASF) from its borders in years past, is testing a potential new vaccine against ASF virus.40mminnerdiametercardring Men's Stainless Steel Virginity Lock Pants with Virginity Lock, Chastity cage, Chastity Device,40mminnerdiametercardring The oral vaccine has been tested so far on wild boars, but if the results are successful, it could be used to protect the country’s domestic herds.color01 50 Round(130CM) AndyTours Fashions Table Cloth,Alligator at Sunset,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCH

A team of Madrid-based researchers tried the vaccine on nine wild boar piglets, and the results were as hoped.color01 47 Round(120CM) AndyTours Fashions Table Cloth,Pair of Kelp Geese,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCH

“Our study demonstrates the effectiveness of the first oral vaccine against this disease on Eurasian wild boarcolor10 70 Round(180CM) AndyTours Fashions Table Cloth,Beautiful Swans in Spring,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCH,” said a co-author of a paper on the research, Jose Angel Barasona. “Overall, we demonstrate that oral immunization of wild boar conferred 92% protection against a highly pathogenic strain of ASF, which is currently circulating in Asia and Europe.” Continue reading

Health agencies have shared the message again and again: color04 60 Round(150CM) AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Male Wood Duck Flying in a bluee Sky3,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCHWashing raw meat just causes the bacteria to splash around your sink, your hands and your clothes.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tweeted a reminder about this fact recently: “Don’t wash your raw chicken! Washing can spread germs from the chicken to other foods or utensils in the kitchen.”

Many Twitter users fired back, casting doubt on the idea that washing isn’t sufficient for getting rid of bacteria. color05 63 Round(160CM) AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Beautiful Monarch,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCHOthers vehemently insisted that washing chicken was what their families have always done, and they weren’t interested in shifting gears. color08 60 Round(150CM) AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Bighorn sheep114,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCHSome pointed to homemade remedies believed to provide a more thorough wash, like soaking the raw meat with lemon juice, vinegar or saltwater (though these ingredients do not kill bacteria, according to science).

Others still pointed out that they believed they could eliminate bacteria concerns by washing counters and sinks after rinsing chicken.color01 63 Round(160CM) AndyTours Fashions Table Cloth,Marsh harrier11,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCH While disinfecting the countertops is always a wise choice and should be done anyway, rinsing chicken is still ineffective in the first place. Continue reading

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color04 40 Round(100CM) AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Mule Deer Doe3,High-end Durable Creative Home,70 INCHEach quarter, the National Drug Early Warning System releases a report outlining the latest public health threats posed by new psychoactive substances (NPSs), including synthetic cannabinoids, cathinones, opioids and benzodiazepines.

The first quarter 2019 report is now live.61.37.9cm Coat Rack Wall-Mounted Coat Hook Hook Wall Clothes Hook with Metal Hook Brown (Size 61.3 7.9cm) It’s compiled from data originating from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and provides a snapshot of the U.S. psychoactive drug market.

New as of last year, the report includes fentanyl, due to its increasing importance in the opioid crisis.Beige 14.524.5cm FANGFA Storage Baskets Plastic Wheat Straw Kitchen Living Room Hanging Bag Drain Basket (4 colors are Optional) (color Green, Size 14.5 24.5cm) The 2019 first quarter report shows 541 identifications of fentanyl, fentanyl-related compounds and new opioids — a 43% increase from a year ago. Fentanyl accounts for 77% of the opioid identifications.

You can check out the full array of data online here.

1826 inch Hongyuantongxun Doormat,Suitable for Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom,Waterproof,Washable,Easy Clean,Super Soft Fiber Practical (Size 18 26 inch). Read the rest of our Tox Tuesday series here.

People who work in food production and processing, as well as food-allergic individuals, can tell you a lot about food allergens — what they are, how they work, and even how they are regulated and labeled. color04 H 51.1 xD 76.7 Teal Semicircle Doormat Wintertime Inspiration Ornate Abstract Snowflakes in Pale colors Christmas Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Pale bluee Teal Greycolor12 H 35.4 xD 53.1 Llama Semicircle Doormat Cute Llamas with Tribal Aztec Native American Style Primitive Kids Playroom Theme Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Multicolor shows, however, that the general public may still have a knowledge gap about food allergens, including those who handle food in restaurants.color09 H 43.3 xD 64.9 Vintage Semicircle Doormat Curvy Repeating Floral Motifs in Squares Mandala Style Pattern Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Reseda Green Baby bluee bluee

A team of researchers quizzed nearly 300 restaurant workers in Düsseldorf, Germany about their food allergen expertise. Could they identify major allergens?color07 H 15.7 xD 23.6 Plaid Semicircle Doormat Caledonia Scottish Traditional Pattern Tartan Motif Abstract Squares Ornate Quilt Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Multicolor Did they know how allergic reactions worked, and did they feel comfortable serving food-allergic diners? Roughly 10% of people in Europe and North America have food allergies, and evidence suggests that percentage is growing.

“We looked at knowledge and attitudes, and the key finding would be that the knowledge levels are not as good as we would expect in restaurant staff, because these are the people that are handling food on a daily basiscolor06 H 19.7 xD 31.5 Tree of Life Semicircle Doormat Retro Celtic Tree Image Mandala Round Cycle of Life Spiritual Universe Theme Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Black White,” senior researcher Adrian Loerbroks told CNN.

The findings: Continue reading

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The threat of equine influenza took the horse racing world by storm this year as an above-average number of infections cancelled races in the United Kingdom. color03 H 23.6 xD 35.4 Apple Semicircle Doormat Delicious Juicy Apples in Cartoon Style Vegetarian Natural Nutritious Food Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Vermilion Green WhiteIt was the first time in 15 years that horse races were canceled for flu concerns.

The ongoing U.K. outbreak has seen 69 cases, mostly in England, but one as far north as Aberdeenshire in Scotland. color07 H 43.3 xD 64.9 Murder Scene Semicircle Doormat Fresh Homicide Scene Bullets Chalk Outline Evidence Markers Detective Police Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 MulticolorThe highly infectious virus has also been seen recently in the U.S. states of California, Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, Washington and Tennessee.color14 H 31.5 xD 47.2 Tribal Semicircle Doormat Wild and Free Inspirational Artwork Ethnic Wolf with Boho Feathers Print Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Pale Grey Pink Teal The Horse reports that equine influenza cases have been increasing in both the U.S. and Europe as of late.

Biosecurity is best

The virus that causes equine influenza is about as contagious as can be, meaning horse caretakers have to be vigilant. color14 H 47.2 xD 70.8 Ladybugs Semicircle Doormat Flower Frame with Tiny Little Ladybugs and Swirl Branches Springtime Theme Halfmoon doormats H 27.5 xD 41.3 Pale Green RedIt can survive for two days on a surface, so horse equipment and stables should be disinfected frequently and methodically. Continue reading