Photographer documents Colorado flood situation

Mike Jonas, A photographer from Colorado has documented the recent flood situation in Colorado. Several events and exhibits were called off. Hundreds and hundreds of disoriented pairs — already prevalent with marriage related tension — were left scouring Front Range for a accessible dry place to tell “I do” as all their earlier plans were darned or confused by the epic floods in Colorado.

The couples as well as their family members saw financial and logistical dilemmas, as places in pleasant mountain places are tough to secure as well as contractual clauses might result in thousands of dollars’ loss. During his photography, Mike also met some people and they explained their personal problems.

As for the hotel owners, they confront a nightmare, as some of them are seeing high damage to business and personal properties, scotching their programs, as well.

Speaking to Mike, Driveway Stockport told Mike about Kelsie Wylie and Josh Nichols, who were just few weeks away from experiencing their dream mountain marriage ceremony of golden, glimmering aspens as well as striking autumnal backdrops.

But Wylie and Nichols’ dreams started to crumble slowly with every new news of more roads washing out. When the marriage location of Estes Park was closed off officially to the outside world, the pair started clambering.

Nichols told that the reception venue was telling them to hold off and that they had be open by their wedding, but they were told by the police that the road would be shut down indefinitely and not likely open by their wedding date of 5th Oct. Therefore, they started looking around for other venues that haven not been booked.


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