Kent photographer’s snap in wildlife photography display

Snaps showcasing the stunning beauty of British wildlife is now on display at the Whitstable Museum and Gallery. The exhibit, of selected snaps from British Wildlife Photography Awards that includes a snap from Kent snapper Robert Canis, who has earlier won Royal Photographic Society Gold Medal and several other commendations.

Mr Canis, who is from Sittingbourne, gave a snap of a saffron drop bonnet mushroom for the contest and he won in Botanical Britain category. According to him, one does not need any special equipment to get a great snap.

He told that it is just about being in the right place at the right time. and putting the time in. One could give someone the best equipment but if they are not prepared to get up early or wait out in the rain they would not get a good snap. He stated that Oare marshes, near Faversham, is one of his favorite place to take snaps of animals or birds.

Mr Canis added that he do not think that a whole lot of people say that British wildlife is one the hardest in the world to photograph. If one goes to Africa or Antarctica, they stroll among the animals so it is hard not to get a good shot. But in UK, the wildlife has been persecuted for very long they are extra shy and wary. It is really difficult to get a good snap.

The snaps first went on display in London’s Mall Gallery, where the exhibit was started by television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham who told that these magnificent snaps by many photographers highlight the breadth, beauty and diversity of their precious wildlife and the need to protect their habitats.


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