Fiilex LEDs For Portrait Photography (With Rob Caleffi)

Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. decided to stick with flash, this format as yet seems to be weak and
    expensive. I will pick up a simple LED to put on a swivel extender, but
    for now that is all

  2. One of the disadvantages of continuous lighting on people is movement and
    eyes. Dilated pupils are more attractive, freezing the action is also
    desirable, these can only be achieved with flash.

  3. I belief that this is the 160 power light the 360 will be more powerful.
    Please next time let us know witch it is the model and the power output
    that will help with the info. Thanks for the review

  4. It was really a fun watching this video ! very nicely produced video, great
    product, useful features with the color temp adjustment, nice photograph,
    great presenter, beautiful model !

  5. Thanks for sharing and demonstrating the Fiilex LED light.

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  7. Ps. Tooooo dark. Jorda get a light homes.

  8. Константин Бабанов

    8:18 Darth Chris FTW! Really cool lights!

  9. *jordan

  10. What’s the name of the song at 5:53?

  11. another expensive lighting kit… This isn’t a game changer as you can get
    the same results even with some 300$ fluorescent lights. And for the price
    you can get 2 lumahawk 500…

  12. you should shop at lowes.

  13. At least you didn’t say first…

  14. agree. question of taste tough. the edited just look “cooled” down and the
    original’s warmth comes across perhaps better specifically because of the
    white dress.

  15. I think the “Raw pictures” looks better than the “Edited pictures” do…

  16. Definitely one of your best videos to date… thank you for posting this.
    *Rock solid studio photographer in this one.

  17. i think LED light like this still not enough to replace the studio standard
    flash, but they will be fantastic to do the fill in light as the colour
    temperature is easy to adjust and lower power than flash, especially it
    allows photographer to see what the fill in light is doing, the light
    falling on the subject. And look at those LED light, how small and compact
    they are, very nice to carry around to location shooting or for video

  18. I was not in love with the quality of light I was seeing with these LED’s
    for continuous still use. Not everyone is going to shoot 1.4 when they have
    to show more detail in a dress or product meaning you will have to bring up
    the ISO to around 2000 if shooting with people which increases noise and
    the loss is dynamic range. I still like the Diva or Joker lights better
    than these or even the cheaper CFL lights. I would have liked to see a
    video test with your lights.

  19. Thx for vid wus intrstng

  20. Love This video! But one question, do your shop ship all the Way to
    Denmark? 🙂 – I maybe consider it as an option for both video and still,
    for må Sony Nex7? 🙂 thx

  21. These don’t compete. Not remotely powerful enough. And they will never
    freeze action either.

  22. $700 dollarydoos????!!!!

  23. I agree, hopefully the price will drop a lot within a few years

  24. Third

  25. yeah, he’s bad in post producing