Jun 13

Apogee Photo Magazine starts their new Facebook Page

Recently, Apogee Photo Magazine has started their new Facebook page that will host various techniques, tips and ideas for photographers, to celebrate national photography month. The organization offers photographers a platform to interact and share with others in the industry.

Apogee Photo Magazine is one of the old online photography magazines and they are really very excited to announce the launch of their new Facebook page. These days, more and more people are getting interested in photography, clicking images and sharing them in the world of world wide web. May is a special time of the year. This is a time to honor photographers as well as their photographs.

Apogee Photo Magazine’s owner Marla Meier told that their site is designed to educate, inspire and inform photographers of all levels. For more than sixteen years, their free online photography magazine – http://www.apogeephoto.com have been serving photographers to reach their photographic apogee. They are really thrilled to be able to offer photographers an outlet through Facebook so every photographer has the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks of the trade.

The new Facebook page of the Apogee Photo Magazine was designed so that photographers from across the world could interact in open conversations with other photo community followers as well as share their images, and at the same time offer their own personal advice and tips.

Apr 13

Sarisbury Green photography competition

Budding shutterbugs might win a cash prize by participating in a photography competition in Sarisbury Green. A property development company that has a whole range of homes at the Admirals Wood off Coldeast Way, is now arranging a photography contest which will run till 3rd May.

John Taylor told that they have selected a theme of birds and wildlife as they are fortunate to watch so many at this development. There are 2 categories of entry – one is under 18 (as of 15th April) and the other one is 18 and more as of the same date. One person is allowed to submit one entry.

Then, a judges’ panel will make their announcements as well as there will be a £ 75 voucher for the contest winner in each category; when the runners up will get a £ 25 voucher and the third place holder will get a £ 15 voucher. Pictures can be sent  to steve@bendell.biz.

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre is arranging their very first Juried Photographic Exhibit. The exhibit will start on 20th April,  Saturday. The exhibit features the 45 GTA photographers works who submitted 92 snaps for judging. 50 pictures were accepted for the exhibit. The exhibit was juried by Doug Ball, an ex Canadian Press photographer and Duncan & Wright Foto Source’s Andy Duncan.

Mar 13

Scott Tansey photography

Scott Tansey’s photography will be on display as a part of Santa Monica Airport Art Walk, on 16th March, Saturday. Scott Tansey has traveled throughout the world capturing magnificent panoramic views for the last 40 years. In addition to taking world-class landscape pictures, Scott Tansey has had 2 other careers.

Scott told that he was a lawyer, but he also had a career before that. He worked in the family business that allowed him a lot of photographic and travel opportunities. He worked in the family business selling aircraft parts in the United States as well as all over the world.  He led a multi-cultural work force and spread out the business over his 18 year career.

At present, Tansey is an estate planning attorney serving families as well as protect individuals from the effects of disability and death. Recently, he revealed some of his pictures to fellow workers that had a wonderful response. He told that when he showed the office manager of a law firm his pictures images, she asked him what he was doing as a lawyer.

That time Scott reminded her that there is a common factor being a photographer and a estate planning person – both of them have to be a great performer. And both gets better with experience and age.

On 30th March, Scott will take part in an art event and benefit for Oakgrove, which is a non-profit organization based at based at Trunk Gallery. Scott has donated one of his images for the silent art auction to Oakgrove benefit.

Feb 13

Laramie man holds the past

Doc Thissen preserves the past through his photography. Some days, that really suggests crawling on knees and hands for several hours over broken mortar and brick, kicking soot and dirt into air with each movement ahead. He strings cables and lights through to the end of the tunnel, that continues to squinch the further he moves.

At some other point of times, this suggests photographing a wall for several hours, pointing the camera in a space the width of a tiny office to capture a picture the mural in its entirety. He does not know when the thing was painted, or who painted it, but he captures hundreds of frames before he loses the daylight completely. When it comes to photography, the word ‘partial’ could hardly describe Thissen. He told that to become an effective documentary maker, one has to immerse themselves into the project and really understand everything that’s involved or what all took place.

At present, Thissen is documenting old Midwest Refinery. He has spent around 6 hours each day for thirty six days over the course of a year taking pictures of tens of thousands of frames of each little things. In fact, the dashboard in the dust did not escape his lens. Doc spent much time researching the whole property.

Thissen told that it takes time. Time and dedication and the willingness to talk to a lot of people. He is doing as much as he could right now tracking down anything on the U.S. Yttrium side.

Jan 13

Three magnificent pictures

A couple of mushrooms, 3 upturned ducks searching foods and a greenshank in flight – there are the 3 magnificent pictures that have got Richie Lort, a photographer from Bangor, a ticket to Antarctica. He received this trip after impressing all the judges, including television personality Chris Packham, in a wildlife photography event. Now, Richie wants to take pictures of fledgling penguins on the icy shores of Antarctica.

In the Canon/WWT Photography Competition, Richie Lort was handed the award for Portfolio Photographer of the Year because of his brilliant pictures of mushrooms, greenshank as well as the ducks. He took all these snaps  at WWT centre Castle Espie.

Along with this trip to Antarctica, the beautiful picture of 3 upturned ducks searching for food helped him to get the People’s Choice award in the contest. While speaking to a leading newspaper, he told that he is an amateur photographer along with a love for wildlife and dedication to publish it. His pictures were more about showing the world that they do not need to go very or even travel thousands of miles to get a beautiful snap.

This year’s contest took place in the celebration of Scott Antarctic Expedition’s centenary and Sir Peter Scott, Captain Scott’s son, founded the WWT. Now, Richie Lort has won the biggest prize of them all – a trip to Antarctica.

Richie told that he is really stunned and amazed after getting to know about this once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a great scope for him to document the disappearing world.

Dec 12

Irish Times presents Amateur Photographer of the Year award

The judges have selected the best pictures from over 9000 photographs. But how do you select pictures from so many pictures. Around a week ago, ten high profile judges gathered and spent 7 hours in the conference room of the Irish Times to select pictures.

In the past 5 days, judges have worked day and night to go through more than nine thousand images that were taken by amateur photographers. At last, 350 photographs were selected in 7 categories. The pictures that were eliminated were mainly because of some technical reasons, some pictures were too dull or too predictable.

The toughest part for the judges was to come to terms to others values. Like any form of art, photography is subjective – creativity and beauty are in eye of the beholder. You may like a picture because of some reason, other judges may not like it or even if they like; they may not like the snap as you do. Different judges have different approach of looking at a picture. Some people are from traditional photojournalism background.

I and my Irish Times colleague Brenda Fitzsimons represent, broadly, the tradition of photojournalism. Barry McCall is one of Ireland’s top fashion and commercial photographers, whose technical excellence is matched by his creativity. John Duncan of Source magazine, Tanya Kiang of the Gallery of Photography and Ángel Luis González, director of the PhotoIreland festival, come, broadly speaking, from the art-photography perspective.

Amateurs were well represented by Michael O’Sullivan and Des Clinton of the Irish Photographic Federation as well as by Northern Ireland Photographic Federation’s Daniel Caughan. Shane Cowley, who is a well known photographer, represented Canon Ireland.

Nov 12

Fujifilm releases X-E1 camera

On Thursday, Fujifilm has released their 2nd interchangeable lens camera X – E1, featuring sixteen MP APS – C X – Trans CMOS sensor. The camera also has OLED electronic viewfinder. X – E1 is the successor of previously released X – Pro 1. This one has advanced digital processing that enables ‘multiple exposure’ and with the help of this option, users can superimpose 2 exposures to make a single image.

The company has also lessened the size of the camera and this new one is more or less thirty percent smaller compared to X – Pro 1 and it also has a pop up flash. X – E1 supports all-inclusive ISO range of 200 to 6400 (and expandable to 25600) and can capture HD videos at twenty four frames per second.

Fujifilm stated that they have extended their lens line up for the interchangeable lens cameras from 3 single focal length lenses in 1st series to 5 with the add-on of 2 lenses – a F2.8 super wide fourteen mm single focal length lens as well as a F2.8 – 4 zoom lens which covers a shooting ambit of 18 mm to 55 mm.

In early 2013, another range of 5 unique lenses will be included in XF lens series and that will take the count to 10.
Fujifilm India stated that the response they got for the X – Pro 1 is just more than they expected and this was the true inspiration behind this new camera. This new camera will be available in 2 variations – black and silver.

Oct 12

Rotorua photographer Tracey Robinson snatches 9 of ten national awards

At a recently held national photography awards event in New Zealand’s Christchurch, it was 9 out of ten for a Rotorua photographer named Tracey Robinson. She got 9 awards out of ten categories she was up for at Epson New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards that took place on 22nd September.

Mrs Robinson was born and raised in Rotorua and since 2006 she has been operating her own photo studio in central business district. She told that she was quite happy with the result and this is better than what she anticipated. She did not make anything distinctive for that night.

She told that it was really nice; she was not ready to go in till the last minute. She was surprised to het where she did. Robinson specializes in fine art, editorial, beauty and children with her photography and she won 3 awards in travel, 2 in illustrative, 3 in creative portrait and 1 in classic portrait category.

She received three silver and 6 bronze awards. She told that probably the judges were searching for something different and that had probably helped in winning these awards. She had a fine art degree and that has helped her to have an edge over other contenders.

She just took 3 years to finish her masters in photography. It a huge achievement as some people takes twenty years to complete it. She has over 20 years’ experience as a professional press photographer. She was also the chief photographer of The Daily Post, and she also did some freelancing for several newspapers.