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Dec 14

Hedge-Fund manager creates moonlighting as wildlife photographer

A black and white snap of an attacking rhinoceros prevails a wall of David Yarrow’s US$ 230 million hedge fund company named Clareville Capital Partners LLP. Different from the art which generally clings in the offices of most ascending hedge funds, however, the snap is not the introduction of an outside artist but rather of the money manager himself.

Yarrow, now 48, got hold of the impossibly up-close photo in Kenya previous year, and in September sold a print of the picture to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) who have since had it installed in their Georgian house in Norfolk.

Few managers of the hedge-fund could oversee millions when pursuing a remunerative side career, Bloomberg Pursuits would report in their 2014 Holiday issue. Yarrow has just done that by recreating himself as a wildlife photographer, along with exhibits at Saatchi Gallery as well as Christie’s in London and an exhibit at Rotella Gallery in New York in October. Since autumn last year, Yarrow has sold over US$ 1.7 million worth of prints, and donated 10% of the takings to Tusk, a charity which works to stop the trade in rhino horn and ivory in Africa.

In the meantime, even as Yarrow was very busy taking pictures in East Africa, his Pegasus Fund ht 54.1% in the first ten months of the year 2013, making it the best-performing fund of any size in Europe, as per Bloomberg Markets’ ranking.

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