 Best Photography Apps For Mac [HD]

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  1. Hey great brief reviews and function demo. I was wondering did you review
    or see a app on the apps store that disappeared it had a red cars and they
    were changing the color of the sports cars on the pictures. I can’t find it
    anymore on the app store . its fairly new. photoshop replacements? 

  2. is this free?

  3. i Pad2AppsReviewer

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your positive feedback.

  4. i Pad2AppsReviewer

    @LandOfTech Thanks Rico!^-^

  5. Abdullah Kabli

    thanx man !!

  6. LeoInterHyenaem

    From your voice I can infer that you’re young, but a very capable, mature
    reviewer. Thanks…

  7. nice mate

  8. Great video!!!

  9. Excellent Job Kid, Fantastic 🙂

  10. What’s the best FX Photo Studio Pro or Apple Aperture?

  11. SamuelDantowitz

    whats the difference of FX Photo Studio and FX Photo Studio Pro?

  12. really nice video..thanks for helping me to find the best photo edit apps
    on mac.. 🙂

  13. Hasan Kamal Tahir

    Your english very Good

  14. Very nice video. Thanks!!

  15. i Pad2AppsReviewer

    For more serious, professional photography, i would recommend Aperture. If
    you are someone like me that likes a user-friendly interface and easy to
    use app, go ahead with FX Photo Studio Pro.

  16. Very good video. Very informative.

  17. The piano in the background made me think that Sarah McLachlan was going to
    start singing!

  18. i enjoyed your video mate. good work

  19. You sound young, but i enjoyed your video more than most! Thanks! Exactly
    what i needed :)) What do you think of image tricks?